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Users need to understand what parameters steam verticalposite boiler startup procedure? Known steam boiler is also key parameters for the device purchase, following on to find out more about. Steam boiler steam temperature, refers to the temperature of saturated steam. Saturated steam pressure and steam temperature are corresponding. Saturated steam temperature under 1MPa pressure is 184 ℃; Rated evaporation is the power of steam boilers, the main parameters of a steam boiler, usually with tons of evaporation to represent, that is, we usually say how many tons of boiler; rated steam pressure is the pressure of steam generated in a steam boiler, generally expressed in MPa or kg. 1MPa is 10 kg, like laundry, all hospitals, factories and the like conventional steam occasions the general use of low-pressure steam 1.0MPa or less. Only when using steam as a power to require the use of high-pressure steam. Fuel consumption is an important indicator of concern when choosing a steam boiler, which is directly related to the use of the running cost of the boiler. In the operation of the boiler, the fuel cost is very impressive, if just considering the purchase cost of buying a cheap but high energy boiler, which led to high operating costs at a later stage, will certainly be worth the candle; the thermal efficiency of the boiler with a boiler the fuel consumption is inversely proportional. The higher thermal efficiency, lower fuel consumption of the boiler. Boiler thermal efficiency expressed as a percentage, is a more intuitive value; when selecting or location of steam boilers, it should find the place the unit area whether the load can withstand the weight of the steam boiler, and if there is enough space to place steam boilers and pre leave space for maintenance.

Battle blue horn sounded, emissions of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen compounds gradually strict national requirements. To improve the quality of the environment, but also the people a blue sky, in all industries around the environmentally friendly product revolution, Hainan Sinochem Pharmaceutical companies are no exception. By the company investigation and comparison of verticalposite boiler startup procedure products, in March 2017 signed a six-ton ​​steam-cleaning integrated condensing gas boiler and steam fast boiler. Tested and post feedback, the boiler equipment installation qualification, operating normally, and successfully passed the inspection by local quality inspection departments of the boiler.

Causes of large Resistance and insufficient Air supply in Oil-fired Hot Water Boiler systemThe hot water verticalposite boiler startup procedure system has great resistance and insufficient air supply: the reason is that the fuel particle size is mixed, the pulverized coal occupies the block coal gap, and when entering the grate, it is squeezed and dense by the gate, and the permeability is poor. First, the mass coal cannot be burned through, and there is still a red fire when the slag is discharged. Burn the slag blocking parts, slag carbon content is high; Second, coal leakage is serious; third, large resistance, increased blast, induced fan load, high power consumption. The furnace temperature is low, the coal quality is poor and the combustion condition is not good, the furnace temperature is low, sometimes even extinguishes, a large amount of unburned matter and ash powder blockage the economizer and air preheater, which causes the furnace to be in positive pressure combustion. Arrangement of part of reheater heating surface in hot water boiler In the region of higher smoke temperature, the heating area required by superheater is greatly increased. In order to reduce the flow resistance of the working fluid flow through the heater and increase the rigidity of the pipe, the superheater adopts a larger diameter pipe. In order to increase the ratio of radiation and heat absorption in the superheater system and make the steam temperature characteristics of the superheater steady, the radiant separator superheater and the semi-radiant rear screen superheater are arranged on the top of the boiler furnace. The separator superheater is arranged in the direction of furnace width, each of which is composed of a small screen, which not only increases the radiation heat transfer, but also prevents the rotating smoke flow to reduce the smoke in the width direction of the furnace into the superheater. The effect of temperature deviation.

Diagnostic how to produce dry steam verticalposite boiler startup procedure plant accident when the lowest water level of water already defined inferior, but still water meter water level can be seen, less water mild off; when the water level was observed water level gauge see when broken into serious water shortages. Status summarized as follows: (1) a conventional water drum level height inferior to the height defined; (2) low water warning, alarm sound, warning lights; (3) the temperature of the steam superheated vapor is increased; (4) providing water not conventional, less than the amount of steam; (5) the temperature of the water vapor discharged smoke increases.

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verticalposite hot water boiler advantages. What is water tube boiler. A water tube boiler is a type of boiler in which water circulates in tubes heated externally by the fire. Fuel is burned inside the furnace, creating hot gas which heats water in the steam-generating tubes.

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